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REMO Offers below services

With the implementation of a new systems, the management of villa / hotels has become easier and more professional. This method allows bookings to be fault-free, eradicating the difficulties faced by guests during bookings.

REMO has worked with a team of specialists to create its own management system making sure that operations are professionally oriented. This system allows the whole management to be at our fingertips as processes such as the following are all synchronized.


Financial transactions



Services offered to property owners:

  • Expert advice as well as professional workmanship on initial design changes, reconstruction if needed, procurement of equipment etc…
  • Management of Staff as well as the recruitment of new staff if needed will also be managed by REMO.
  • Management of the property.(Hotels, Villas, Bungalows, Apartment Buildings, and Restaurants & Cafés)
  • Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing

Services offered to Guests:

  • Assistance starting from the booking process itself.
  • Round the clock attention from the time of arrival in Sri Lanka.
  • Additional Services on request, such as: Round Tours / Airport Service / Meals / Therapy etc…
  • The genuine warmth of our staff will give the guests a homely atmosphere and the relaxation will be felt from the time one enters through the doors of our Villas & Apartments.

Our Resources:

One of the most important resources we have is our expertise possessed in the field. Our aim is to provide the owners maximum revenue by applying our standards and systems to gain healthy occupancy levels, yet keeping the original touch of the unique villa / hotels. We provide extensive management solutions, where the owner may monitor the process at his fingertips using our on-line management system.

Professional Resources
  • On-line Travel Agents / Travel agents.
  • A large client database.
  • The close association with on-line booking websites which optimizes the market awareness.
  • The constant innovative ideas provided by our marketing team to raise awareness.
  • Professional Staff to ensure the smooth operation of the villa / hotels to make sure all guests are satisfied customers who would book again.


Using the brand image of REMO Hotels & Resorts, we emphasize on creating individual brand images of the villa / hotels, which makes them unique. The professionalism of operations in all villa / hotels is of utter most importance to REMO in order to satisfy all customers, from the booking process to the actual stay. A separate website is created for each villa / hotel, which gives a well-documented (with images) description of the villa / hotels, both to travelers as well as travel agents & on-line booking websites who work with us.